2019 The Year In Review

2019 By The Numbers:

40 Weddings

510,000 Photos Taken

15.51 TB In Storage Used

~1000 Red Bull’s consumed

2 Trips to New Zealand

1 Massive Brand Overhaul

With the craziness of the holiday season behind us, and (nearly all) of the editing for 2019 wrapped up, I finally have a chance to sit down and look back at 2019.

First and foremost, this was a year of huge changes. My wife and I started the year with a 3 month visit to what is without a doubt my favorite place on earth: New Zealand. Daily swims, good friends and fantastic wine combined with a blank work to-do list for the first time in 6 years meant that those 3 months were dedicated to what became a complete revamp of the Nicholas Gore Weddings brand.

A huge amount of work went into finding a new editing style that created not only striking images, but was also applicable to the entire gallery. Anyone who knows me and has seen my work knows that I love color, so finding a way to really highlight the color of a wedding day without being too in your face was quite a challenge.

It’s a humbling experience to go back to square one and start over after 6 years of shooting and nearly 500 weddings, but the results speak for themselves. The mark of a good wedding photographer isn’t the ability to take one good photo, it’s the ability to take 500 solid, cohesive photos that tell the story of the wedding day and the changes we made have made that much easier to accomplish. Our full galleries are more cohesive, more polished and just better all around.

Our client experience was changed as well. For years our client management software was middling at best, but after switching to a new studio management software, our clients are able to see all of their invoices and info in a single portal with a single login something that just wasn’t possible before.

With those changes in place we shot some absolutely fantastic weddings this year! 

2020 is going to be a crazy year full of a lot of travel and some truly amazing weddings but in the meantime, take a look back to some of the highlights from 2019!

Heather & Alex | Otarawairere Beach | New Zealand

Our first session of 2019 was a tough one to beat. When Alex first contacted me, he mentioned a beautiful beach he wanted to shoot at. The only caveat was that there was a “short walk” to get there. What this meant was a grueling 30 minute hike to what is quite frankly one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Totally worth it, but totally exhausting! See the full blog post here. 

Genevieve & John | Private Residence | Charleston, SC

I could wax lyrical about how much it means to me to have a friend ask me to photograph their wedding, but I feel like it still wouldn’t do it justice, and to be embraced by Genevieve’s family in the way that I was just gives me the warm and fuzzies. Just look at this wedding!

Sam & Jeffrey | The Dewberry Hotel | Charleston, SC

While we’re on the subject of photographing friends weddings… This one was epic. I’ve known Sam for the better part of a decade, we were in the same photography classes in college, so needless to say, her expectations were quite high. I think the photos and their glowing review speak for themselves. Check out the full post here.

Jessica & Jason | The Governor Thomas Bennett House | Charleston, SC

This wedding made sure that I will be remembering the 21st of September for years to come. As their planner Kala from MOD Events said shortly after the wedding, “Some clients are just special”. I wholeheartedly agree. Check out the full post here.

Michelle & Caulen | The Cedar Room | Charleston, SC

From the beaches of Isle of Palms, to the beauty of downtown, this wedding took in everything that Charleston has to offer (including the intense summer heat). Check out the full post here.

2019 was a fantastic year, but we’re already gearing up for our first wedding on January 4th! 2020 is going to be a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.