We Know You’ve Got Questions

Here’s A Good Place To Start
What is your pricing?
Our pricing is fully transparent and we pride ourselves on not making you jump through a bunch of hoops just to find out how much our services cost. Our full pricing page is available HERE. Our most common package within our travel radius is $5250.
How many images do we receive?
The number of images we deliver varies wedding to wedding although you can expect to receive between 50 to 100 fully edited images per hour of coverage.
How do you stay on schedule?
We work closely with your wedding planner or coordinator in order to create a schedule that is appropriate for your specific needs and that allows us to capture all of the elements of your wedding day in ideal lighting conditions. We build our schedules with delays in mind so that our photography will take up as little time with your guests as possible.
Can we customize a package?
Absolutely. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our pricing page, reach out and we’ll be happy to design a package that works perfectly for your needs and budget.
What is your style?
This is probably out most frequently asked question, so we wrote an article that not only explains my style, but gives you a quick rundown of many of the popular wedding photography styles as well. Check is out HERE.
How long before my wedding should we book you?
This depends on your wedding date. If you’re getting married in the peak months of May or October we recommend getting in touch between 12 and 18 months and for spring and fall we recommend between 10 and 12 months. For all other dates we recommend getting in touch no later than 6 months out. Keep in mind though that there is no guarantee your date will be open no matter how early you get in touch.
How soon do we receive our images? 
Editing is a meticulous process and we take pride in delivering polished, perfectly edited images. This is a time consuming process that we do not outsource. Your images are handled from start to finish by Nicholas Gore. As a result we deliver wedding stories 10 to 12 weeks after the wedding. For engagement and bridal sessions you can expect your images between 6 and 8 weeks after your session. That said, we always aim to deliver faster than the contracted timeline, but during our peak season that may not be possible.
Do you send out previews before the full gallery is available?
While we would absolutely love to send out a preview of every wedding we shoot we can’t guarantee that a preview will be possible, especially during our busiest parts of the year. That said, we do our best to make sure that you get to see a few images before the full gallery!
Who are your second photographers?
I primarily work with my wife Cushla. An amazing photographer in her own right, she has been working with me full time for 6 years. She also runs her own photography studio. In the event that scheduling prevents Cushla from working as my second shooter, we have a pool of extremely talented full time wedding photographers that we use to help capture your wedding day.
Do you work off of a shot list? Can we give you a shot list?
While we do not work off of a specific shot list, you’re welcome to let us know if there are any specific shots you’d like for us to take during the course of your day! We also recommend that you put together a list of family combinations that you would like us to photograph and make sure that someone who knows who everyone is has a copy and is in charge of making sure people don’t wander off.
Do you deliver in Black and White or Color?
We primarily deliver in color, but deliver images in black in white if that aesthetic suits the image best. When shooting film we are always able to convert color images to black and white but unfortunately it’s not possible to recolor a black and white film image.
What gear do you use?
We use top of the line Fuji and Sony cameras along with a myriad of film cameras and backup gear.
How long have you been a wedding photographer?
I worked as an assistant for several years before I shot my first solo wedding in 2010.
What is your payment structure?
We only require a 50% retainer to reserve your date, with the balance due 2 weeks before the wedding. For events requiring travel, we require all travel fees at signing to guarantee that our quoted price is accurate.
We’re worried about Covid, are you vaccinated?
My wife and I received both doses of our vaccination as soon as they became available and will continue to receive any necessary booster vaccinations moving forward.
Who will shoot my wedding if you are sick?
With CoVid becoming the new reality with large gatherings we acknowledge that there may be a situation in which we test positive for Covid despite taking all available precautions. In this instance we will work closely with you and your planner to find a suitable replacement photographer for the day. We have a large network of photographers to draw from in the Charleston area so we will absolutely be able to find a suitable replacement if the worst were to happen.
How many other events will you do on my wedding day? That weekend?
We will only shoot one event on your wedding day. For your wedding day you are our primary focus! We do our best not to book more than 2 weddings in a row, but during peak seasons that can be extended to 3.
Do you offer Videography?
Videography is an art form in and of itself and something that we don’t currently offer. That said I’m more than happy to recommend some of the fantastic teams that we’ve worked with in the past.
Will there be a contract?
Definitely! Once we’ve decided on a package that would work best for you we’ll send over a link to your client portal where you can e-sign your contract and manage all payments.
How much editing/retouching do you do?
We edit every single image that we deliver for contract, exposure, saturation, white balance etc. While we are happy to remove a pesky zit on your face if one pops up on your wedding day, it’s not possible for us to offer intensive beauty retouching on every image. If when you receive your images there are photos that you feel need more intensive retouching I’ll be happy to discuss things with you and determine the best course of action. Please note that we charge $100 per hour for extra retouching.
What happens if we need you for longer on the wedding day?
Despite everyone’s best intentions wedding days usually run a little behind schedule. Don’t stress though! If you need us to stay for an extra 15-20 minutes we’ll be happy to get whatever last minute shots you need. You’re welcome to add any number of hours during your wedding day, we just ask that you pay the balance before the end of the night.
What do you wear?
We tend to shy away from the black on black look and instead try to blend in more with the crowd. I generally wear dark slacks and a white or blue button down shirt on wedding days.
Do you have more work to show us? Can we see a full wedding?
Absolutely! If you’ve already gone through our portfolio and blog feel free to get in touch and we’ll send over a full wedding! Let us know where your wedding will be held and we will probably be able to show you a wedding from your chosen venue!
Are there any additional fees after the wedding?
Absolutely not. There are things that you CAN buy after the wedding but when you book a package with Nicholas Gore Weddings you’re buying the coverage on the wedding date and then access to the full resolution final images! There’s no need to spend a penny afterwards unless you want to.
Can you recommend any other vendors?
Absolutely, we have worked with some really amazing people over the last few years so we’d be happy to give you recommendations!
Do you have insurance?
How many weddings have you photographed?
Our team photographs between 60 and 80 weddings per year. As of 2021 we’ve photographed over 500 weddings.