I am a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina. I have also been lucky enough to be selected as a contributor to one of the world’s largest photograph websites www.Fstoppers.com. It’s an amazing way for me to give back to the online communities that taught me so much when I was first starting.

I spent my high school and college years with a camera glued to my hip, but it never crossed my mind to actually try and be a photographer. In the middle of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life however, a friend of mine called me in a bit of a panic asking if I was available to assist on a wedding in town the next day. I’d never shot a wedding before, but my friend seemed to think that I would be good at it, so I agreed.

I won’t say that my first wedding changed my life, but it gave me a completely new perspective on the job of a wedding photographer. Not only was the fast paced atmosphere exciting, and the ability to be there for some of the most important moments in a person’s life deeply moving, but it was also so much fun!

From that point on, I assisted and shot weddings as often as I could, and now nearly 10 years later, I’ve photographed over 300 weddings and worked with some truly amazing people! I can honestly say that if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn’t change my job, I would probably have many, many more cameras and every lens ever made, but it wouldn’t change my love for doing what I do.

My goal is to pass the fun and enjoyment that I get out of capturing my clients’ happiest moments on to my clients. If my clients are having fun, and I’m having fun, there’s no way that can’t be expressed through my work!

My style is bold, colorful, elegant and relaxed.

My name is Nicholas Gore and I am a Charleston, South Carolina wedding photographer because it’s the best job on earth!

I look forward to the opportunity to create something beautiful for you and your family to cherish for years to come. Contact Nicholas Gore Weddings today!