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Private Home | Walterboro, SC

There are sessionswhere everything seems to go perfectly. The light is amazing, the dress, the venue, everything is absolutely on point. And then the ground falls out from under you.

This was quite literally the case for Mary Hunter’s bridal portraits. After wrapping up the shoot and walking off on my own for a few b-roll photos I did what I thought only Batman or children in a Dickensian novel did; I fell down a well.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt (and more importantly no images were lost in the process) but it definitely made for a story that I’ll be repeating for a long time!

Also, hopefully the only time I’ll have to credit a rescue team in a blog post!

VENUE | Private Home


DRESS | Demetrios Bride

BRIDAL SHOP | Ladies of Lineage

HAIR & MAKEUP | Lashes & Lace

RESCUE TEAM | Colleton County Fire and Rescue

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If I could give Nicholas Gore Photography 100 stars, I would!

From the moment Nick and his wife, Cushla, met us at our home for my daughter’s bridal session, we knew we loved them. They make such a great team and together they cover every detail.

Nick brings his great personality and very positive energy that makes everyone light up for the most amazing shots. The bridal shots were breathtaking with the lighting and azaleas in full bloom. Together, they make it easy and natural.

The wedding day went smoothly and we are anxiously awaiting the ceremony and reception shots. He even captured the groom’s surprise “flip” of the bride in their last dance which was priceless. Everyone loved Nicholas Gore and I would most highly recommend him.


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