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Camille & Mike – William Aiken House Wedding – Charleston, SC

There are parties, and then there are parties. This was the latter. 

Melissa & Kyle – Lowndes Grove River House Elopement – Charleston SC Elopement Photography

If nothing else, 2020 brought with it the amazing trend of the impeccably styled micro wedding.

Botany Bay Bridal Session – Charleston SC Wedding Photographers- Kylie Bridal Portraits

There’s always an element of exploration in wedding photography, even if it’s something as simple as wandering around the next corner to find the perfect shot. Sometimes though, mother nature throws you a curveball.

Washington DC Engagement Session – Regi and Brendan – Lincoln Memorial Engagement

Being in Washington, DC during the cherry blossom bloom is just one of those things you need to see once in your life. It’s monolithic marble offices and monuments paired with the soft pink and white of the cherry blossoms turns the city into the perfect backdrop for a portrait session.

Mary Hunter Bridal Portraits – Charleston SC Bridal Portraits – Nicholas Gore Weddings

There are sessions where everything seems to go perfectly. The light is amazing, the dress, the venue, everything is absolutely on point. And then the ground falls out from under you.