5 Outfit Tips To Make Sure Your Engagement Session Looks Incredible

Your Engagement Session:

The most common question I get asked before an engagement session is “What should we wear?!”. While I can’t answer that for you specifically, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when you’re planning your engagement session outfits:

1.) Don’t Try To Match

Complimentary colors are your friend. I’d recommend avoiding white as well. You’re going to have a TON of pictures of you wearing white soon enough!

2.) Stick To A Maximum of Two Outfits

Purely for logistical reasons (there are very few public restrooms downtown) I’d recommend sticking with a single outfit, but if you decide to go with two, most of my clients go with one casual outfit and one more formal.

3.) Be Bold, Just Not Super Trendy

Imagine looking back 10 years and realizing that you did your engagement session decked out in Ed Hardy gear? Didn’t really age well did it?

Your engagement session should absolutely be about you and what you and your partner are all about, so don’t be afraid of bold colors or a crazy jacket lining just be aware that these photos will be around for a long time!

4.) Make Sure You’re Comfortable

High heels are great, but if you can’t walk down the block in them without your feet hurting it might be a good idea to change shoes (or at least bring a spare pair of shoes to walk in!). You don’t want to be constantly thinking about your feet by halfway through the session.

5.) Empty Your Pockets

You don’t want to have your phone, keys or wallet poking through your pants during the session. A small backpack or purse will hold everything you need and make it super easy to set down when you’re shooting. In a pinch we can carry anything you need in our camera bag.

It’s all about you.

In the end though, don’t listen to me, your engagement session is all about you so if it makes you happy, go for it!




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