4 Reasons To Do A First Look (And 1 Big Reason Not To)

The First Look

To first look, or not to first look? That is the question asked by dozens of my clients every year. One of the biggest changes that I’ve seen in the wedding industry over the past 10 years is the number of clients opting for a first look. While it’s purely a personal decision, here are 4 reasons why you should consider a first look, and 1 big reason why you may not want to:

1.) It clears away the pre-wedding jitters

Seeing your partner before the wedding ALWAYS clears away the nerves. Every bride I’ve worked with who’s done a first look has told me how much better they feel after doing a first look. The getting ready process can be a little hectic, but no one likes waiting around for a big event to happen.

2.) It’s a special moment for just you and your partner

Your wedding day is a group activity. From getting ready to the ceremony and into the reception, all eyes are on you and your partner. You don’t get many opportunities to just be together without a hoard of well-wishers surrounding you. Your first look is just a moment that’s all about you, your partner and the love you share, without all of the pomp and circumstance.

3.) You have the opportunity to get a makeup touch up if you get really emotional

I cried like a baby when I saw my wife walking down the aisle. Luckily though I wasn’t the one wearing makeup.

If you’re worried that crying might mess up your makeup, a first look gives you the opportunity to let all of your emotions out without worrying that you’re going to mess up your photos later. Just be sure to ask your makeup artist to stay until the first look is complete.

4.) It can give you way more time with your guests

Traditionally, one of the biggest hurdles wedding photographers face is how to knock out as many of the family and bridal party photos as possible without the bride and groom seeing each other. Once you eliminate that hurdle, you’re free to do family photos, bridal party photos and the majority of the portraits of you and your fiance prior to the ceremony. That way you can enjoy more of your cocktail hour and spent more time with your family and guests!

…And one big reason you might not want to:

It’s tradition for a groom not to see the bride until their walking down the aisle! A first look isn’t for everyone so weigh your options prior to the big day and discuss things with your photographer and wedding planner.

In the end it’s purely a personal decision, your wedding will be awesome no matter what you do!