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When I first started out shooting weddings I would show up with a mountain of gear. I may have had everything I could ever need, but if you can’t move because of it it’s not a great solution. It’s taken me quite a while to pare down my kit to what you see here but this is absolutely everything we use on a wedding day.


Sony A9: This is my main workhorse. This camera is ultra fast, has incredible auto-focus and is responsible for 95% of the work that I do. It’s an expensive piece of kit, but it’s changed how I’m able to shoot weddings for the better. That said it’s also why my average number of photos I take at a wedding has gone up to something like 6000.

Sony A7rIII: This is my main portrait camera. Nearly ever photo that’s currently on my instagram was taken with this. With nearly 5 stops of shadow recovery, this camera is unbelievably good for portraits but when compared to the A9, the AF just doesn’t stack up.

Sony A7rII: This is now a backup camera. The tiny batteries make it impractical and the entire camera is SLOOOOOOW. Probably still an awesome choice for landscapes but definitely not a wedding camera.


Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

Sony 85mm f/1.4

Sigma 135mm f/1.8

Sigma 70mm 2.8 Macro


Profoto B2: My assistants got really tired of carrying the B1 around so I switched to the lightest option I could find. These days though I’d probably buy a Profoto B10. Fewer cables with a negligible amount of added weight. They are very expensive, but they just work.

Profoto B1: More than anything else I’ve ever purchased, this light changed how I approach wedding and changed how I shoot. That said, for wedding and event work I’d

Sony Flash:


Profoto 3′ Octa

5′ Softlighter


New Zealand Wedding Photography

First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!

New Zealand has always been special to me. After being introduced to it through the Lord of the Rings films, I spent years planning and saving and after finishing school I made the leap and spent two months traveling around the country. Little did I know that those two months would introduce me to not only an unbelievably beautiful country filled with truly incredible people, but also my wife Cushla.

In the past 5 years I’ve traveled tens of thousands of kilometers through every inch of New Zealand and fallen in love with this country and I promise if you choose Nicholas Gore Weddings to photograph your wedding day we’ll put every ounce of our love for this country into your wedding photos!

Get in touch today and see if Nicholas Gore Weddings is right for you!

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Nicholas Gore Weddings - Harborside East Wedding - Charleston, SC
Nicholas Gore Weddings – Harborside East Wedding – Charleston, SC


Taylor and Brett’s Waterfront Wedding at Harborside East in Charleston, SC

This was a wedding that proves good things come to those that wait. Taylor REALLY wanted a sunset shot, but when both her bridal session and their engagement session failed to produce so much as a hint of color in the sky, it all came down to her wedding day.

Heavily in their favor though was the fact that Taylor and Brett selected one of the best locations in Charleston to view the sunset. Harborside East is perfectly positioned to catch the sun setting just behind the Ravenel Bridge, but mother nature had to cooperate first.

The morning didn’t look good. When we started shooting at the girls getting ready location a few miles away in Old Town Mount Pleasant it was absolutely pouring with rain. To the point where I kind of gave up hope of getting any real color. But Charleston is known for it’s weather that can change in an instant.

And change it did. While  the guests were enjoying dinner, we all trudged through the mud and muck from the earlier rain storm, through a construction zone, to the absolutely perfect location to watch the sky absolutely explode with color. We got the full spectrum too as the orange of the day faded into reds then pinks and finally the cool blue of twilight.

I’ll be honest, normally I wouldn’t ask my clients to walk through the mud, but Taylor kept urging us on because she HAD to have a sunset shot and I’m so glad that she did! This is why Harborside East is one of the premier locations in Charleston, SC for an amazing sunset over the water!

Remember to click the read more link at the bottom of the page for more photos!

Venue: Harborside East

Ceremony Location:  St. Luke’s Chapel

Planning: Lowcountry Weddings by Jessica

Hair & Makeup: Carolyne Simms

Dress: Justin Alexander

Bridal Shop: Bridal House of Charleston

Shoes: Alex Marie

Florist: Pretty Petals of Charleston

Rentals: Snyder Event Rentals

Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Ring Designer: Tacori

Jeweler: Polly’s Jewelry

Catering: Jim N Nicks

Cake: Cakes by Kasarda

Band: Emerald Empire Band

Transportation: Lowcountry Trolly

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Amanda and Phil’s Romantic Boone Hall Wedding

……….A romantic Boone Hall wedding is always a treat to shoot – everywhere you turn is a beautiful scene, an ancient oak tree, or a bursting sunset. This is the second time I’ve shot a wedding at Boone hall that’s held the ceremony under the avenue of oak trees, and I think it’s my new favorite spot!

……….The day began with a private first look between the historic gates of the mansion at Boone Hall. Nestled quietly beneath the live oaks and Spanish moss, Amanda and Phil then tied the knot in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. With thunder rumbling in the distance and the occasional lightning bolt illuminating the dark skies we headed off to take some portraits during golden hour. Everyone was constantly checking the radar and hoping we weren’t going to get rained out but luckily for all of us we were graced with no rain and an INSANE sunset. Coupled with a super high tide at the cotton dock, the reflections on the water were unlike anything I’ve shot before at this location.

……….The neutral color palette allowed the beauty of the location to shine through at Boone Hall – a pop of color from burgundy dahlias and blush roses was all that was needed to showcase the lush green surroundings while guests to nibbled, mingled, and enjoyed the sights, all while having a refreshing drink under the shade of the oaks.

……….Thanks to all of the vendors who helped make this Boone Hall wedding possible!

Remember to click the read more link at the bottom of the page for more photos!

Venue: Boone Hall Plantation

Planning: Peper Events

Florist: Frampton’s Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Wild Ivory Beauty

Officiant: Richard Burton

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Sarah and Alex’s Elegant Wickliffe House Wedding in Charleston, SC

Sarah and Alex’s summertime Wickliffe House wedding was an elegant affair that oozed Southern style and charm.

The day started with the guys and girls getting ready at separate private homes down the road from one another – the guys sipped whiskey while the girls were in hair and makeup. After a private first look between the columns at Cannon Park while the sun was shining and a light breeze picked up Sarah’s veil – we took some (read: a lot) of portraits in the beautiful mottled light of the park.

The ceremony was held at St. Luke’s chapel in downtown Charleston, and after the ceremony the guests were able to make a short, shaded walk to the ceremony reception, which sits just across the street: The Wickliffe House. Arguably one of my favorite venues – a grand, historic mansion with a sprawling double-height porch and a manicured lawn out front (and a spiral staircase, to boot!) – the Wickliffe House made an ideal location to host this beautiful wedding. The reception was full of personal touches from Sarah and Alex – the desserts were handmade specially by them, and they sipped champagne from heirloom glasses passed down to them.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this special Wickliffe House Wedding happen!

Remember to click the read more link at the bottom of the page for more photos!

Reception Venue: The Wickliffe House

Ceremony Venue: St. Luke’s Chapel

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